Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bonnie Signature Foldover Crossbody (SOLD)

A Signature Collection present..
Bonnie Signature Foldover Crossbody bag
(pix of Coach official site)
Made of woven jacquard fabric
specially treated to repel water & stains

A very nice and easy to carry bag!!!
Foldover measurement = 14" (h) x 12" (w) X 2" (l)

Unfold measurements = 12.5" (h) x 12" (w)

46" adjustable strap (5x)

Has 1 internal zip pocket, 1 cellphone compartment and

a multipurpose compartment

External zip pocket

Light khaki/ coral (kinda pink) in color

Comes with it's own authenticity card
a white dust bag & Coach paperbag

Parker Op Art Soft Small Flap (SOLD)

Another Signature Collection
Parker Op Art Soft Small Flap

Pink/ rose in color..sweetness!!!!
(even in my hubby's eyes too) ;)
Very cute and nice handbag
Measurements = 6" (h) x 10.5" (w) x 3" (l)
Perfect size!

Made of woven jacquard fabric
specially treated to repel water & stains

Inside - with 1 zip pocket, a cellphone compartment
& 1 multipurpose compartment

18.5" very soft strap

Comes with it's own aunthenticity card,
brown dustbag & Coach paper bag
Plz email me for the price and order ok
Thanks for browsing!

Bonnie Leather Foldover Crossbody (UNAVAILABLE)

More foldover crossbody bag..
But this one is FINE LEATHER!!!

Bonnie Leather Foldover Crossbody bag
(pix of Coach Official site)

Coral/ Fuchsia in color
(i see it as pink too..light and dark pink)

Foldover measurements = 10" (h) 12" (w) x 2" (l)
Unfold measurements = 14" (h) x 12" (w) x 2" (l)

Internal zip pocket, 1 cell phone compartment
& a multipurpose compartment

External pocket zip

46" adjustable strap (5x)

Comes with it's own authenticity card,
a white dustbag & Coach paperbag

Plz email me for the price & to order
Thanks for browsing!

Corelle Set has arrived!!!

To my dearest customers,
for your purchase(s)!!!
It's nice doing business with u!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CORRELLE, anyone???

Salam & Greetings!
I have these beautiful Correlle Sets
(set of 16 pieces)
to be shipped to Malaysia
this Summer (enf of May)..
and will be arriving somewhere in
end of June/ early July..
(nu-uh, it's not my shipping but my fren's)
to anyone out there
whose been waiting to own a set,
this is really a great bargain!!!
(for coming Raya perhaps???)
All u have to do is..
choose set/s that u love..
email me to place order..
bank-in RM150.00 for deposit..
& pick-up your set at my dealer's house
in Kajang
(yeap, the set won't be shipped to your doorstep)
So, hurry up...
Limited to 7 sets only!!!!!
Dateline: May 10th, 2009
Thank You for browsing & purchasing..;)
Ocean Arc - RM450.00
City Block - RM300.00

Memphis - RM350.00

Simple Lines - RM450.00

(RESERVED - 2 sets)

Camellia - RM350.00

Red Swirl - RM300.00
(only 1 set available)

Pretty Pink - RM450.00
(RESERVED - 3 sets)

Wine Berries - RM350.00

(only 1 set available)

Kobe - RM450.00

Tulip Bouquet - RM400.00

Blue Swirl - RM300.00

Shadow Iris - RM450.00

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Salam & greetings all..
If u are leaving in Klang Valley area,
u might love this news!!!
Starting from now untill May 10th 2009,
for any of handbag and purse/ wallet.
Feel free to browse the closet
and let me know which one are u interested in
U'll definitely get a
Thanks for browsing and
I much appreciate your support

Monday, April 20, 2009

Coach Signature Strap Patchwork Satchel (SOLD)

Signature Strap Patchwork Satchel
So, so GORGEOUS!!!!
made of woven jacquard fabric
specially treated
to repeal water and stains

sophisticated pattern
inspired by graphic elements

body measurement:
13" x 7.5" x 5"
19" strap

open closure with zip compartment in the middle
has a zip pocket, a cell phone and
a multipurpose compartment inside of the bag

turn lock style

see how beatifual the fabric is..?

comes with its own aunthenticity card
and COACH paper bag

Regular Price: RM980 (including shipping)

Special Price: RM780!!!!

- SOLD -

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coach Legacy Shoulder Bag (SOLD)

Legacy Shoulder Bag
Black in color

it's Burnished Leather

does not darken with age..

upper zip closure
with 2 front pockets..

21" adjustable strap

body measurement:
12" x 7" 3.5"

1 zip pocket at the back

inside the back zip pocket

inside the bag,,so roomy & so pinky!!!;)

has a zip pocket and
2 multipurpose pockets
the outer pocket..also pink!

comes with it's own authenticity card and
COACH paper bag